What is Prime Lens? What are the advantages?

What is a prime lens or fixed lens? Prime lens is a lens that has only one focal length. Examples of prime lenses is the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, Nikon 35mm f/1.4G, 20mm f/2.8 Canon EF 90mm f/2.8 or Tamron Macro lens.

All lenses have only one single focal length lenses are called prime or fixed, as opposed to a zoom lens that has a focal length of many points. If you only have one prime lens focal length zoom lens while having a lot of focal length, then what are its advantages?

Some Prime Lenses Features
Some properties below is a generalization, because there are certain prime lens may be defective or does not match the expectations of quality or more expensive. However, the majority of prime lenses bearing the following properties:
1. Size and Weight, prime lenses have a small physical size, lighter and more compact. With only one point focal length, the prime lens should not have the intricate mechanical construction so that the shape and size more efficiently.
2. Quality, prime lenses tend to have very good optical quality. Manufacturers make prime lenses and just had to focus how to produce the best image quality at the focal length.
3. Price, prime lenses are usually more affordable in price because it has a mechanism construction and simpler than zoom lenses. No need to move elements at zoom in zoom out.
4. Fast lenses, prime lenses usually have a very wide maximum aperture so as to gather a lot of light. Qualities that make prime lenses are called fast lenses because we can use a higher shutter speed while maximizing the aperture. Wide aperture also makes brighter viewfinder.
5. Bokeh. One of the most sought-after characteristics of the prime lens is the quality of the resulting bokeh this lens. Because it has a large maximum aperture, the quality of the bokeh will be more okay. Read tips to make bokeh photos here and here.
6. Zoom In legs, prime lens spur us to be creative. With no zoom feature, then we are forced to foot and think harder when composing a photograph. Many argue that this could spur our creativity when taking pictures.

Stomach Average Business Need

Women would always pay attention to her appearance. One of the things that often make women feel less confident are imperfections on the body. The word ‘obesity’ was once a kind of intimidating for them.

While many ways have been done to reduce the production of excess fat that often appears when wearing clothing that fits in the body, but still did not move at all fat. Even many of those who feel hopeless and depressed with a futile effort.

If you also feel the same way, you should try to check whether your diet so far is correct. Here is an easy way to help your stomach to shrink and expel excess fat there.

A small bowl
Eat a small bowl to use will allow you to measure the intake of food that works well for the ability of the stomach. Conversely, if you eat using a bowl or large container, then the desire to eat more would be getting out of control and cause actual excess fat stored in the abdomen.

Sit properly
Sitting position that bends will make your stomach look folded, you should sit in an upright position. Besides being able to hide the belly doubled, sitting in an upright position and it can also keep your stomach muscles tight. Continue reading “Stomach Average Business Need”

Determine Face Shape Shape bun

In a great show titled national or other official, the women are usually synonymous with the use of a bun in their hair look, especially at a party attended by important people. Bun hairstyle is certainly capable of giving a distinct impression and make your appearance can seem more different.

According Andiyanto, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist expert, everyone has different facial structures and not all bun suitable applied on each face. For maximum results, the lack of the face can be camouflaged by applying proper bun. To get a bun that suits your facial structure, check out the following tips from Andiyanto.

Face width

Women who have a wide face structure should be put on the bottom bun. Do not pull the hair up, because it will make the face look wider. In order to get an impression of more gaunt, half ear cover with her hair and give volume at the center of the head to give the illusion of a long chin.
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Zoom Lens Maximum Aperture: Fixed and Variable

All lenses have a maximum aperture or lens opening, a condition in which the lens wide open so as to let light in. diameter at the most appropriate lens itself. In most zoom lenses, the maximum aperture will change as you perform zooming (changing the focal length lenses. Zoom lens which is called a zoom lens has a maximum aperture “variable”.

For example, popular kit zoom lenses: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. This lens when used in the short (18 mil) has a maximum aperture f/3.5. However, when used longest side (55mm), maximum aperture was going to suddenly turn into f/5.6.
By changing the aperture as in the case above, we would lose a little bit of light coming into the sensor when the lens is used its longest side.
Some of the more expensive zoom lens has a maximum aperture fixed, constant and does not change when we do the zooming. An example is the 70-20mm f/2.8 lens. If it is set in the opening (aperture) f/2.8, so you want to wear on the short side or the long side 200mm 70mm, f/2.8 aperture will always be. Type of zoom lens is relatively better quality but also much more expensive than variable zoom lens as above.
Why Maximum Aperture Zoom Lens Fixed With More Expensive?
Zoom lens with a fixed aperture are more expensive because they use more sophisticated elements in it than a lens with a variable aperture. Additionally lens uses an optical element that is larger (f/2.8 than f/5.6).

Destroyer Bad Habits Healthy Skin

Women often do the bad habits that damage the skin. Unfortunately, they still do it, though it knew the dangers. Habit of sharing the risk of transmitting cosmetic disease. These are bad habits that damage skin health, as reported by Boldsky.

Sharing lip balm or lip stick

The habit of sharing lip balm or lip stick transmit the disease to susceptible mouth. So, avoid this bad habit!

lent comb

Lent habit comb put you at risk of infection and scalp dandruff. Fear not offended friend lent a comb? So, you should always carry two comb in the bag.

Share eyeliner
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Meaning Abbreviation In Third Party Lens: Sigma, Tamron and Tokina

Third party lenses like Sigma, Tamron or Tokina is an affordable alternative for our photography needs. In a previous article, we have discussed the meaning of abbreviations in Nikon lenses and lens canon, now turn the lens Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. Here are some abbreviations that we often encounter in the third party lenses and brief explanation, for convenience only Sigma, Tamron and Tokina that will be discussed here:

Sigma Lens
EX – EX Lens is the highest grade lens (premium) in a Sigma lens product line.
DC – DC lens is a lens designed specifically for crop camera (APSC)
DG – DG Lens Sigma lens is designed for both full frame and crop cameras
OS – OS Optical Stabilizer is (equivalent to IS or VR)
HSM – Hyper Sonic Motor, motor technologies are less noisy but fast focusing.
ELD – Extra Low Dispersion, using special optical elements that minimize chromatic aberration, flare and ghosting
SLD – Special Low Dispersion, higher than the ELD class
FLD – F Low Dispersion, using low dispersion elements that contain fluorite
APO – apochromatic Lens, APO lens is designed to minimize chromatic aberration
ASP – Aspherical Lens, this lens has a complex design elements to improve overall quality and reduce the size and weight of the lens
IF – Inner Focusing, focusing the lenses do not move internal elements front element
RF – Rear Focusing, focusing lenses do by moving the rear element
CONV – This lens can be used with a teleconverter Continue reading “Meaning Abbreviation In Third Party Lens: Sigma, Tamron and Tokina”

Product Photos Without Flash

How to make photos of the food as above?
Characteristics: photos of the food with the dominant white so that it looks fresh and contrast and a very shallow DOF.
The key is lighting from behind (backlighting). Do a photo shoot near a window with his back to the window and the position of food you meghadap.
Put food on the all-white base (foam, paper or white cloth around it).
To be quite uneven lighting, use a reflector (styrofoam or paper) to reflect light in the window and put it in front of and beside the food.
To get the effect of blur in the back, use the setting aperture f / 4 or larger (f/3.5, f/2.8, … etc.)
Use a tripod to prevent the composition better and sharper results
If you are lucky enough to have 2 pieces of flash lights, play wear light and fill light behind the object in front and besides – could use a fill light reflector with materials as mentioned above

Gloves Not Always Boxes

One of the most sought after clothing products is approaching Eid gloves. From time to time, gloves are always sought. Here is a history that is known and worn gloves in the present:

Sarong is a wide piece of fabric are sewn on both ends so it is shaped like a pipe / tube. This is the basic meaning of the holster in force in Indonesia or places region. In terms of international fashion, gloves (sarong) means a piece of fabric wide use the waist to cover the lower body (waist down).

Cloth gloves are made from a variety of materials: cotton, polyester, or silk. The use of gloves is very broad, to relax at home until the official use of such worship or marriage ceremonies. In general, the use of cloth gloves at official events related to complement the clothes given area.

According to historical records, the gloves came from Yemen. In the country called futah gloves. Gloves are also known as izaar, wazaar or ma’awis. People in the country of Oman with the name calling glove wizaar. People know him by the name of Saudi Arabia izaar. Use of gloves has been widespread, not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but also reached South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, to the Americas and Europe. Gloves first entry into Indonesia in the 14th century, brought by Arab and Gujarat traders. In subsequent developments, sarong in Indonesia synonymous with Islamic culture.
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The Comfortable Flat Shoes

For some people, having new clothes and shoes while celebrating Eid is a culture to the next. Start new clothes bought by their parents, to be able to buy their own and got in line to buy the kids or nephews.

One of the items sought are shoes or sandals, especially for women. Activities on the day of Eid definitely need mobility. In one day have visited several places of interest, so comfortable footwear is required as well. Since most new shoes or sandals worn when Eid comes first. So the foot is still adjusting to the new shoes but you have to move higher.

Flat shoes are one of the answers that reduces leg fatigue at day full of friendship. Here the flat footwear without rights.

The Mary Jane
This type of shoe can be flat or entitled. But certainly, these shoes have a strap in the ankle, and a rounded toe or a little box. These types of shoes look very casual.
Use it with leggings, skinny jeans, mini skirts, will make the appearance look beautiful. However, do not use it with a harem, cargo pants, and a straight-cut trousers and wide. Continue reading “The Comfortable Flat Shoes”

Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny

Variety of activities undertaken someone every day of course has its own consequences in some cases. When you go outdoors during the day with the sting of the sun, on the face makeup can be messy.

Appearance is one thing to be taken by a person, especially for women. So you can still look beautiful when I have to move in the summer, there are some tips that can be done. Here are tips for makeup on your face can remain beautiful even outdoor activities.

Mandatory use sunscreen
When you move in a location exposed to the sun, protecting the skin is very important. Because the sun can make your skin causing wrinkles and dark spots. Then, select the appropriate sunscreen. The longer your activity outdoors, choose a sunscreen with SPF are great.

Foundation the right
Do not use a thick foundation. Use only a light so it can emit natural beauty of your skin. Because of the heavy use of foundation in fact be damaged when exposed to sweat, your face can also look different because of it. More precisely choose a lightweight foundation made from minerals. Continue reading “Stay Beautiful Despite the sunny”