Complete List of State is He who will Visited Galaxy S IV version of Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa

The lovers of Samsung products in Indonesia is certainly very curious about the launch of the Galaxy S phones IV in Indonesia. Especially about what version will be displayed by Samsung for its customers in the country.

Now the answer to that question has been answered. Samsung Mobile has also released a list of countries that will be visited by the Galaxy S IV version of Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa.

For additional information, Snapdragon processor 600 is mounted on the Galaxy S IV has the model number GT-I9505. This processor fitted with a speed of 1.9GHz. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S IV with model number GT-I9500 is a cell phone in it using 5 Octa Samsung Exynos processor which has a speed of 1.6GHz.

Here is the full list:

GT-I **** = Not yet decided
GT-I9500 = Exynos
GT-I9505 = Snapdragon
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 = Samsung will bring two versions


GT-I9500 – Afghanistan
GT-I9500 – Algeria
GT-I9500 – Egypt
GT-I9500 – Kenya
GT-I9500 – Lybia
GT-I9500 – Marocco
GT-I9500 – Nigeria
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Feeling Guilty Mother Less Time with Children

How long do working mothers have the time to spend with their children? Based on research in the UK, 88% of women feel guilty because they have much less time for their children.

The study was made by Procter and Gamble in collaboration with the Social Issues Research Center. There are 1,000 women who finished the study respondents.

88 percent of women who finished the study respondents said feeling guilty about having more time to spend with their children. Only, these mothers think they now spend more time with children than their mothers first.

There were 48 percent of respondents who felt spending time with children. While 19 percent felt they had little time for the children.
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7 Essential Accessories For Your DSLR Camera

pOkay, so you now have a new SLR camera, carrying SLR everywhere you go and photograph a variety of objects, from the face of the people around until meatballs subscription. Along with the increased flight hours, sooner or later you will start thinking to add photographic accessories to complement your DSLR camera and lenses.
To balance the contents of your wallet, it is necessary for you to make spending priorities accessories. So, actually, what the hell photographic accessories are the most useful (and most popular) for DSLR owners? I chose the following seven accessories for you:
Camera Bags
A wide variety of camera bags on the market, just select the appropriate taste: from the backpack, belt, sling-slide (sideways) to a similar suitcase. Its obvious camera bag to work here so that we can keep the camera and lens that we have for traveling safely. Do not fall, safe from impact and safe from water.
Cleaning Kit
To maintain the condition of the exterior and the camera lens to keep it clean, you need a lap microfibres and special cleaning fluid. Especially for the lens, as much as possible to protect your lens with a UV filter (see filter below), usually to just use a lens blower. Cleaning kit can be purchased at camera stores.
I do not recommend that you clean the interior of the camera (especially sensor), leave it to the experts: the camera store usually provide cleaning sensor. After all, most SLR now has a self-cleaning facilities are powerful enough to sweep the dust from the sensor. Read also how to detect the presence or absence of dirt on your camera sensor. Continue reading “7 Essential Accessories For Your DSLR Camera”

How to reset the SLR camera to its default factory settings

If you are playing around with the settings and the LCD menu in your SLR camera, there is a chance you will mess up some important settings that actually makes the camera “acting” unusual.
You want to restore (reset) the camera settings back to the way it was when we bought it? Can. Because almost all SLR camera manufacturers provide features reset to factory default on any SLR camera them. This feature is only one function: to make all the settings that we have brain-tweaking again like new. Just like you restore yourself back into the mother’s womb, and be born again (okay, that was excessive ..).
Are there any disadvantages if we do this step? Yes, because the brain-tweaking we’ve tried it all go away. So it helps you record multiple settings and profile modifications you have made to your try again later (and do not get messed up again huh …)
I will describe how to reset the camera settings to the factory settings for Nikon and Canon SLR brands. For other brands sorry, I do not have a camera that can be tried … Continue reading “How to reset the SLR camera to its default factory settings”

Nokia N8, Smartphone Nan Advanced Digital Cameras Simultaneously

If asked, what is the factor that most distinguishes the quality of a digital camera? I usually reply brief: the size of the sensor. The larger sensor size are what make the images SLR camera better than a pocket camera. And among fellow-SLR camera even bigger size of the sensor the better the image quality it produces (and the more expensive price). Large sensors absorb more light, so you get a more detailed picture, the color is “out” as well as more resistant to low-light conditions.
Unfortunately, I will not talk about the camera spesifisik in this article, I want to introduce a smartphone. But do not worry, I want to introduce smartphone is a smartphone that I think is designed from nature to indulge your photography hobby.
Recently launched Nokia N8, the latest smartphone generation of hers. With a handsome design and the reputation of a resilient mobile phones Nokia, the N8 has all the features that make it deserve to be called a smartphone upscale. Look at the row of its features: from Facebook, Twitter (and all social networks you know), the quality of High-Def Videos, Maps Navigation, MP3 Player, Browser, Email … plus you can download thousands of other applications to fit your needs from OVI Store. Whatever your expectations on a smartphone I think it will be fulfilled. But the last of a series of privileges, the most appealing to me is the ability to photograph. Why? Let us explore ..
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Poor Sleep Quality Can Cause Physical Disabilities

Poor sleep quality can negatively impact health. But did you know that sleep is not restful plus pain in the muscles can increase the risk of physical disability?

As quoted from the Times of India, the researchers found that the quality of sleep is not well associated with increased symptoms of depression, pain severity greater and often feel tired. The most terrible, poor sleep quality also can provide risk greater functional disability of patients with rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease (a disease that occurs when the body is attacked by its own immune system) resulting in prolonged inflammation in the joints. This disease attacks the joints, usually on many joints, characterized by inflammation of the synovial membrane and joint structures as well as muscle atrophy and bone thinning. Continue reading “Poor Sleep Quality Can Cause Physical Disabilities”

Why Toddlers Love Bite When Angry?

Toddlers often bite when they are angry or upset. As a parent, you certainly want to stop this habit and wondered why children become like bite.

According to the child therapist Jennifer Kolari, for parents biting habit is certainly scary. But actually, it’s relatively normal habits.

“Not that the child will grow up to be people who have problems with behavior,” says Kolari are also the manufacturer’s website Connected Parenting.

Children who moved two years, usually it will start to bite if they feel emotions. Toddler biting when frustrated and do not know how to calm themselves.
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Tips on Buying a Tripod: Some Important Features for Consideration

Tripod is often a mandatory equipment in photography, in my previous articles have discussed 12 reasons why you should buy a tripod. Well in this article we will explore what features you need to evaluate before buying a tripod.

Weight Tripod
How heavy your tripod? Heavier tripod gives extra stability, but if it’s too heavy can also carry excruciating moment. If you only use the tripod at home or studio to shoot the heaviest tripod you can buy all you want, but when taken away to the beach or to the mountains, try to find a tripod with aluminum or carbon fiber is much lighter.
Load Capacity
Before buying a tripod try to count the weight of some of the tools you: the camera body, the lens is the heaviest you have, flash (if needed) and the tripod head (if you buy a tripod head does not have the default) then the total weight of these instruments. Now try to find a tripod with a load capacity specifications slightly above the total weight of your instrument before. Many tripods in the market are designed to withstand heavy loads, but if you only have light equipment why expend the extra money to buy a tripod whose capacity far exceeds your needs.
Tripod Head (Head) Built-in
If the tripod head to be purchased has defects, check the stability and robustness of the head. Tripod head are not good usually still “nod” bit though all locks are tightened. Continue reading “Tips on Buying a Tripod: Some Important Features for Consideration”

Tips Defuse Conflict with Coworkers

Working in teams often encounter obstacles and trigger conflict. Disputes can cause stress and decreased productivity for the people involved in it.

In order for a protracted conflict, follow the following steps to resolve conflict and awkwardness with colleagues, as quoted from eHow.

1. Speaking calmly, politely and rationally. Focus on the situation and the facts. Important to remember is not to spread the problems that occur with other colleagues.

2. Avoid body language, facial expressions and tone of voice that shows hostility. That stance is provocative greater. And be assertive not aggressive. Assertive behavior is behavior that reveal interpersonal emotions openly, honestly, firmly dam to the point in an attempt to achieve emotional freedom and be done with full confidence and polite. Continue reading “Tips Defuse Conflict with Coworkers”

Choosing a Tripod Head: Ball head vs Pan Tilt Head

This time we will focus on the tripod head. If you decide to buy a tripod that does not have a head (tripod head) congenital, meaning you have to buy separately in addition to the tripod head itself. Tripod head there are two categories:

Ball Head

Type Ball Head tripod head movements using a simple mechanism of the ball and socket that allows the camera to move in any orientation. The main advantage is that type of ball head using a simple mechanism, it is usually very stable type of ball head. Once the position is locked, the camera is really calm and nodded again. Another advantage is, because it involves only a few moving parts, it will be more durable and relatively clean always.
The major drawback of this type is when we move the camera position. Because the mechanism of a ball, then when we loosen the lock he moves toward the two axes simultaneously, vertical-axis the horizontal axis – right and left). Suppose we want to tilt the camera, as we tilt the horizontal level apparently also changed.
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